Seventh Curse

Seventh Curse


Director: Lan Dei Tsa

Stars: Andy Lau, Dick Wei, Maggie Chueng, Chow Yun-Fat, Joyce Godenzi

This is one strange movie. It's part horror, part comedy, part supsense, part get the idea. If I was to compare it to another movie, I would say Evil Dead 2, but Raimi's work seems sedate compared to this (interesting) train wreck of a movie. It starts off at some high-class party (where a drunk and horny Wong Jing is among the guests) and Andy Lau telling a story to entertain the guests. Turns out he's some kind of doctor/professor/archeologist (the poor subtitles never make it clear exactly what the hell he does for a living, but he wears glasses, so he must be some kind of smart guy) who traveled to Thailand to check out a mysterious tribe. He runs into a beautiful girl and begins to follow her. The girl just happens to be the tribe's sacrificial virgin for the evening and being the hero that he is, Lau saves her, which pisses off the tribe. They capture Lau and impregnate him with some nasty worms which burst his blood vessels. The girl manages to save Lau (by feeding him one of her nipples!), but the curse is still in his system. After getting some advice from pipe-smoking occult expert Chow Yun-Fat, Lau heads back to Thailand to kill the tribe's god, known as "Old Ancestor" (which looks a hell of a lot like the creature from Alien, down to popping out of people's chests), with a bodyguard (Wei) and nosy reporter (Cheung) in tow.

Like I said before, this is a train wreck of a movie, but it's fun. Wong Jing's touch is obviously in here; everything but the kitchen sink is thrown at the viewer during the running time. The plot is a mess (especially with the aforementioned bad subs), the acting is pretty poor for the most part, some of the special effects are incredibly cheesy...but this is one of the most unique films you're ever likely to see. If you're tired of the usual action stuff, give this movie a try.


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