Bruce Lee Double Feature: Fist of Fury & The Chinese Connection

Manufacturer: Madacy

Price: $10

Sound: mono

Format: full frame

Languages: English

Subtitles: none

Extras: trivia game, Bruce Lee bio

I guess the old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here. The presentation (at least for a cheap DVD) isn't bad; the menus do look a bit poor but they get the job done. The bio is pretty bare-bones, and the trivia game -- while a neat idea -- isn't executed very well (sometimes it will give you the wrong answer). As for the films themselves, the quality is pretty bad. Fist of Fury looks worse than many VCDs, with lots of artifacts and pixellation; the sound is horrible, with everyone sounding slowed-down. The Chinese Connection is a bit better; the picture is a bit cleaner and the sound is clearer. However, both films suffer from pan-and-scanning which sometimes cuts off key parts of the picture, and even though the packaging says the films are in Dolby stereo, they're quite obviously in mono. Considering that you can get both films in their original forms from other manufacturers fairly cheaply, I'd say to avoid this disc.

Rating: *

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