City War

City War


Director: Sun Chung

Stars: Chow Yun-Fat, Ti Lung, Norman Chu

Chow and Ti play the classic mis-matched buddy cops -- Chow is the idealistic rookie, while Ti is the hot-headed veteran. When a criminal (Chu) from Ti's past gets out of jail and begins threatening Ti's family, the two cops disregard orders and team up to stop the villain.

City War could have been a really great movie, but it just comes off as slightly above-average. Chow and Ti always have great chemistry together, and the prospect of seeing them in some Woo-style bloodshed is always enticing. However, the script and pacing of City War is really weak. It takes nearly an hour of the film's 90 minutes before the plot really gets moving, much of the time wasted in seemingly unnecessary subplots. What should have been a gripping crime drama sometimes comes off as a cheesy romantic comedy. To its credit, City War does finally start to gel together in the last half-hour or so, finishing off with a shootout that should please most HK action fans.


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