The Club

The Club


Director: Kirk Wong

Stars: Michael Chan, Kent Cheng

A Triad enforcer (Chan) in charge of a popular club fights to keep it from falling into a rival gang's hands.

One of the true undiscovered gems of HK cinema, The Club (from noted "HK New Wave" director Wong) provided an important stepping stone for the "heroic bloodshed" genre begun in the mid-80's with films such as John Woo's A Better Tomorrow. It was one of the first movies to successfully combine a serious crime drama along with high action. While the story is nothing revolutionary, Wong's tight direction along with a convincing portrayal from Chan (a former Triad) help lift The Club above the tidal wave of action/crime movies that would follow it. Even though there is no Woo-style gunplay, The Club sports some impressive fight sequences, including one between a man armed with a steel fan and two thugs with outboard motors, so those looking for a bit of bloodshed will not be disappointed.

Those interested in seeing the evolution of the modern HK crime film should definitely check out The Club.


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