'Flying Daggers' HK movie poster

Flying Daggers

AKA: The Flying Daggers


Director: Chu Yen Ping

Writer: Wong Jing

Stars: Tony Leung Ka Fai, Cheung Man, Maggie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Francis Ng

A comedic take on the wu xia (fantasy swordplay) genre. Wong Jing and Chu Yen Ping (director of many strange films such as Fantasy Mission Force) are two of the, shall we say, most "inventive" personalities in Hong Kong cinema, and when you put them together, you might expect something like this movie. It's a big mess but still highly entertaining.

The shadow of a plot has various groups of bounty hunters going after a mysterious kung-fu master known as "Red Fox," who has been accused of raping and killing the daughter of the local governor. Basically, it's an excuse for many action set pieces and slapstick comedy as the groups battle Red Fox and each other. The jokes are pretty low-brow, but there's an infectious feeling (mostly brought on by the performers, who seem to be having a good time) running through the movie. If you don't take Flying Daggers too seriously, you should have some fun with it.


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