Dragon and the Cobra

Dragon and the Cobra

AKA: Fist of Fear, Touch of Death


Director: Matthew Mallinson


A truly horrible "film" that poses as a documentary of a New York City martial arts tournament while dropping in ridiculous sub-plots. One is about an "investigation" into the death of Bruce Lee (which uses a "lookalike" that's about half a foot shorter than Lee), while the other has Fred Williamson going around NYC beating up guys for some reason (seems to be something about saving damsels in distress). The "rare" and "never before seen" footage of Lee is actually a redubbed old Chinese movie. The movie was shelved for over 10 years for good reason -- it's an insult to martial arts fans everywhere. Some people like the "camp" value of the movie, but, honestly, even though I enjoy cheesy movies, this one's so bad it'll make your head hurt. Don't waste your time or money on this stinker.


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