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We're Going to Eat You


Director: Tsui Hark

Stars: Norman Chu, Eddy Ko Hung, Melvin Wong

A policeman (Chu) travels to a remote island in pursuit of a killer (Wong). Upon his arrival, he meets up with the mayor (Hung) and soon notices that the locals might be more dangerous than the criminal he's after.

While The Butterfly Murders was Tsui Hark's first movie, We're Going to Eat You might be considered his first "true" film. Even though it goes all over the map, ranging from farcial comedy to gory horror, one gets the sense that the movie is going exactly where Tsui wants it to go. Any one scene can have the viewer laughing and then gasping in disbelief. It's a tremendous ride -- akin to a movie like Evil Dead II (not suprisingly, EDII director Sam Raimi has long been known as a fan of Hong Kong movies) that might anger film purists (or as I like to call them snobs) or viewers who don't like to be challenged, but for those who like to sample something a bit different, they'll find one of the more unique experiences in cinema.


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