Eye of the Dragon

AKA: The Ninja Strikes Back

1982 (US release)

Director: ?

Stars: Bruce Li, Hwang Jang Lee, Bolo Yeung, Harold Sakata, Chick Norris

A fairly standard plot (Li plays a Triad who is targeted for death by Hwang after he is released from prison) with some decent fighting scenes (including one that uses Streetfighter-like X-ray effects). This film is notable for probably being the only movie with both Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris lookalikes. There's other strangeness in here as well. Sakata played "Oddjob" in the Bond film Goldfinger, so every time he's onscreen, the Bond theme plays and Yueng plays basically the same role as he did in Enter the Dragon, even though his character was killed off in that movie.

Anyway, this is one of the better Bruce Li movies that I've seen and it's probably worth seeing just for the "weird factor" alone.


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