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The Imp


Director: Ivan Lai

Stars: Diana Pang Dan, Mark Cheng, Ho Ka-Kui

Diana Pang Dan plays a fashion designer whose visions of her twin sister's death cause her to travel to a remote village. Turns out there's a whole lot of sex going on in the town -- must be that fresh mountain air -- and there's also a lot of killing going on. Along with a TV crew led by Mark Cheng, Diana eventually unravels the mysterious circumstances that led to her sister's death.

This Cat III flick treads pretty close to the realm of pornography -- there are times when the plot only serves to get the film to the next sex scene -- but it's not overly smutty. However, the horror aspects of the movie (which kind of come across as a combonation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Eastern mysticism) are done so well -- the movie is quite creepy in parts, especially during the last 20 minutes or so -- that the sex scenes become almost an annoyance after a while. If this movie had concentrated more on the horror rather than the humping, it might have been more effective.


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