'My Story' DVD cover

Jackie Chan: My Story


Director: ?


Fairly standard documentary where camera crews followed Chan around for a year as he was doing various events (such as when he put his handprints in front of Mann's Chinese theatre). The English version is more linear, concentrating on the technical side of Chan's movies, while the Cantonese version features a more philosophical Chan waxing on about why he makes movies. The film(s) are packed full of good clips, though there are some notable absences (like Drunken Master II and most of Chan's newer films like First Strike and Rumble in the Bronx). One particularly good sequence (featured in both versions) compares the US and HK versions of Chan's flop The Protector.

There are a few problems with the movie(s), though. It really over-glorifies Chan (it was co-written and produced by Chan himself) and the narrator is truly obnoxious. However, despite these shortcomings, both versions are pretty interesting and while it probably won't present anything new, Jackie Chan: My Story should be checked out by any Chan fan.


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