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The Legend of the Flying Swordsman


Director: Bosco Lam

Stars: Wong Git, Sonny Chiba, Gigi Lai

For a movie with "flying swordsman" in the title, there sure isn't a whole lot of flying or swordplay in it. This film tries to be a combination of Ashes of Time (a flashback-heavy tale of love and despair, flashy camerawork) and The Storm Riders (computer effects) and isn't as good as either, or your average wuxia film. I can't really put my finger on any specific thing -- be it the weak script, wooden acting or lame fights -- but overall this is just one damn boring movie. Save your time and money for something better. If you're planning on watching this movie to see Sonny Chiba, don't bother. Despite his top billing, his role amounts to nothing more than a glorified cameo.


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