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The Little Tiger of Canton

AKA: Snake Fist Fighter, Master with Cracked Fingers, Stranger in Hong Kong, Marvelous Fists, Ten Fingers of Death, Cub Tiger from Canton, Little Tiger from Canton


Director: Chin Hsin

Stars: Jackie Chan, Simon Yuen

Chan's first starring role; he plays a young man who takes revenge on the Triads who killed his father (gee, that's original). This movie was so bad that it wasn't released until 1978 (with some new footage using a Chan lookalike and scenes spliced in from Drunken Master) after Chan hit it big. Even if you're a Chan completist or a die-hard fan, there's little in this movie worth watching. I think John Charles said it best in his review of the movie: "[This movie] is the kind of unabashed ripoff that gave old school kung fu films such a bad name in the West."

Avoid this one unless you need something to put you to sleep.


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