Man Wanted

Man Wanted


Director: Benny Chan

Stars: Simon Yam, Yu Rong Guang, Christy Chung

An undercover cop (Yam) becomes friends with the criminal (Yu) that he is supposed to help capture. After the cops attempt a bust, Yu seems to have been killed, which bring's his gang's wrath on Yam. He tries to patch things up with Yu's girlfriend Christy Chung, but has his own girlfriend to worry about, not to mention a mad bomber who is trying to kill some of HK's top crime bosses. Perhaps not suprisingly, it turns out that Yu didn't die and is quite pissed at Yam. By now, you should know the drill -- Yam and Yu must face each other down.

Man Wanted is a by-the-numbers cop action/romance movie. There's really nothing new here; some of the action sequences are quite good but the film nearly grinds to a halt with overly-sappy romantic parts that come off as really illogical at times (in terms of plot and character development). The film has sparks of brilliance in certain scenes and feels like it could have been as good some of Benny Chan's other films like Big Bullet -- unfortunately, like many other HK and US crime films, it's the same old situation all over again.


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