'Mission Kill' US video cover

Mission Kill


Director: Lee Chu

Stars: Simon Yam, Moon Lee, Max Mok, Eddy Ko Hung, Ken Lo, Kwan Hoi-Shan

After an international team of cops brings down a major shipment of drugs, the cartel hires hitman Simon Yam and his team to kill the cops responsible. The hitmen (which include Ken Lo and Eddy Ko Hung) succeed in killing all the cops except for HK policewoman Moon Lee. Anyone who's seen a Moon Lee movie before knows she really doesn't need any protection, but the FBI decides to help out anyway by sending agent Max Mok to the "rescue."

If you enjoy Moon Lee's work, you should dig this movie. There's plenty of action of both the gun-fu and kung-fu variety, and the movie moves along at a good enough pace so you don't dwell too much on the fairly lame script (which would have us believe that Mok is sent to HK because he's the only Chinese agent in the FBI -- I guess they don't have affirmative action then) and a weak plot twist near the end. I particularly enjoyed Eddy Ko Hung's performance as a borderline psychotic hitman and the fight between Moon and Ken Lo. Good stuff all around for action fans.


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