A Moment of Romance movie poster

A Moment of Romance


Director: Benny Chan

Producers: Wong Jing, Ringo Lam, Johnnie To

Stars: Andy Lau, Wu Chien-Lin, Ng Man-Tat

This is a pretty solid Triad drama/romance with Lau as a wheelman who falls in love with a hostage (Wu) he takes after a heist. That doesn't exactly set well with the gang, and so the two try to flee to Macau -- but as things go in these movies, eventually a confrontation must occur. Suprisingly, for a movie involving Ringo Lam (he was rumored to be a co-director on the project), there isn't a whole lot of violence or action. Though Lam's touches are in the film; the violence that does occur in the film is sudden and extremely bloody -- it's just that there isn't as much of it as in ther usual Triad movie. Perhaps even more suprisingly, for a film involving Wong Jing (also romored to be yet another director), there's no toilet humor or penis jokes.

At any rate, Andy Lau fans will eat this movie up. It's one of his better performances (even though Ng Man-Tat, as usual, manages to outshine the main star) and the soundtrack is heavy with some of his Cantopop songs. Even most people (myself included) who usually aren't Andy Lau fans will enjoy this movie.


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