Keith Vitali and Loren Avendon try to look tough

No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers

AKA: Blood Brothers, Karate Tiger 3


Director: Lucas Lo

Stars: Keith Vitali, Loren Avendon

Vitali and Avendon star as feuding brothers who team up to stop a group of terrorists after their father's death. A couple of decent fight sequences can't save this movie (which Corey Yuen dropped out of directing at the last minute) from being a total clunker. The film's main problems (besides a generic plot and script which uses just about every cliché in the book) are its' two leads. While they're decent martial artists, both Avendon and Vitali are horrible actors that make Michael Wong look like an Oscar winner by comparison.


Note: while searching the net for info about this movie, I came across this page. It's an account by one of the film's US producers detailing how things worked (or rather, didn't work) between the American and Hong Kong crews. Though I'm sure it's more than a bit biased, it's an interesting read.

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