'The Mighty Peking Man' US video cover

The Mighty Peking Man

AKA: Goliathon, Colossus of Congo, Colossus of the Congo


Director: Ho Meng-Hwa

Stars: Danny Lee, Evelene Kraft

A Hong Kong rip-off/remake (however you want to view it) of King Kong, with Lee as a disheartened explorer sent into the jungle to seek out a giant ape known as "Peking Man." Everything about this movie screams '70's cheese, from the crappy special effects to the swank-ass soundtrack. Nevertheless, I still had a pretty good time with this movie. As shabbily made as it is, it's still more entertaining than the US remake of King Kong that came out around the same time and the recent big-budget "monster" movies like Congo and Godzilla.


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