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Police Story 3: Supercop

AKA: Supercop


Director: Stanley Tong

Stars: Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, Yuen Wah, Kenneth Tsang, Bill Tung, Ti Lung

Once again, Jackie stars as Kevin Chan, the notorious HK "supercop." This time he's sent to the Mainland to help a Chinese officer (Yeoh) stop a deadly drug dealer (Yuen), whose brother (Tsang) is about to launch a major shipment onto the streets of Hong Kong. Of course, Chan's ever-present girlfriend May (Cheung) shows up when she's least expected and/or wanted and fulfils her mandatory damsel-in-distress role.

My personal favorite in the Police Story series, mostly due to the infusion of Michelle Yeoh. Sequels, especially after the second film, often have the problem of falling into repititious storylines and action. Yeoh's character was the perfect solution to this. Not only is she the antithesis of many of Chan's ditzy female co-stars by providing a strong female character, she proves she can hold her own (and sometimes surpass) Chan at his own game.

The stunts in Supercop are simply amazing and among the best Chan has ever done-- the one where Chan hangs onto a flying helicopter while it crashes through billboards never ceases to amaze me (even though the blooper reel takes away from it a bit by showing how it was done). Yeoh shows her stuff in several key stunts, including a daring motorcycle jump, which actually broke the leg of the stuntman that tested it out. Fight-wise, the action centers more on the big brawl-style popularized in Armour of God and perfected in Drunken Master II. Fans of realistic one-on-one fighting will most likely be disappointed, but I found the action to be well-paced and fun to watch, just like the rest of the movie.


Note: the US version (Supercop) is cut by about 10 minutes. The cut scenes are (of course) present in the HK versions, but the Media Asia DVD has a very bad Dolby remix and out-of-synch subtitles, and the Tai Seng VHS has poor picture quality and subtitles. The Criterion laserdisc is probably the best version of the film, but the cut scenes are not included in the movie itself. Here are some of the cuts:

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