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Police Story 4: First Strike

AKA: Jackie Chan's First Strike


Director: Stanley Tong

Stars: Jackie Chan

Chan continues with the popular Kevin Chan character. This time, he's enlisted (for some unspecified reason) to work for the CIA to track down an arms smuggler. Of course, in true Chan tradition, everything quickly gets fouled up and everyone thinks he's a double agent. He must work to both clear his name and save the world from terrorists.

The plot, even in the uncut Hong Kong version, is ridiculous -- most of the plot exposition was cut for the US release, so if you're watching that version, you're going to be even more lost as to exactly what the hell's going on. The acting (or dubbing in the US version) is atrocious, but there's plenty of action and stuntwork, including a phenomenal sequence where Chan uses a steel ladder to beat up a gang of bad guys. The movie is also quite funny in bits, such as where Chan has to go around in a stupid-looking penguin outfit and sing oldies. Not Chan's best by any means (especially after Police Story 3's manic pairing with Michelle Yeoh), but still should please most fans of Chan.


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