Tai Seng 'Project S' video cover  Dimension 'Supercop 2' DVD cove

Project S

AKA: Once a Cop, Supercop 2


Director: Stanley Tong

Stars: Michelle Yeoh, Yu Rong Guang, Jackie Chan, Bill Tung, Fan Siu Wong

A sequel/spin-off from the popular Police Story 3 with Yeoh reprising her role as the tough Mainland cop. This time, she's sent to Hong Kong as an observer to help out the local cops bring down some terrorists. Of course, she doesn't remain neutral for long and decides to help out the HK cops whether they want her to or not. Chan's role is limited to a small cameo (in drag!) and Tung is once again the lovable old "Uncle Bill."

Director Stanley Tong has done many of Jackie Chan's recent films and his touch shows here. The plot is very Chan-esque (read: paper-thin) and there's lots of comedy which you might find stupid and detrimental to the plot if you don't like Jackie Chan movies. But once again Michelle Yeoh shows why she is one of HK's top female stars. Her fight sequences are quite impressive and she looks damn good doing them (even though she wears a silly-looking hat for some of the movie). A bit slow-moving in parts (mostly due to the mandatory romantic subplot, which turns into a fairly predictable plot twist), but action fans won't be disappointed with this movie.


Note: Dimension's US version Supercop 2 is cut by about eight minutes, with the major deletion coming with the death of one of the characters (in the HK version, they are shown being crushed by a steel door, while in the US version they drown off-screen). There are also some seemingly unnecessary voiceovers at the beginning and end of the film, which change its' tone a bit. The dubbing is okay, with Michelle Yeoh supplying her own voice and the rest of the crew doing a decent job. Overall, HK purists will want to hunt down the import version, but if you're in a pinch, it'll do.

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