Above the Law  Righting Wrongs

Righting Wrongs

AKA: Above the Law


Director: Corey Yuen

Stars: Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock

Yuen Biao stars as a lawyer who takes the law into his own hands after a key witness in his first big case is killed. Rothrock plays her typical "dragon lady" hot-headed cop on Yuen's trail.

The action comes fast and furious in Righting Wrongs. It's definitely some of Rothrock's best work, worlds above most of her crappy US B-movies. She is, bar none, the best non-Asian fighter I've seen in a martial arts movie. Her fights in Righting Wrongs are fantastic, especially one where she fights fellow gweilo Karen Shepard, which ends with her making a 20-foot high flying tackle. Yuen is also great in the movie, doing a tremendous job with both stunts and fighting. The scene where he literally dives over several cars trying to run him over has to be seen to be believed.

The US version, known as Above the Law, has a lighter tone, with less violence and a different, more upbeat ending. But the despite a horrible dub job is still worth tracking down if you can't find the HK version.


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