VCD cover  Ng Man-Tat (like the audience) has had just about enough of Eric Kot's shenanigans

The Saint of Gamblers

AKA: All for the Winner 2, Saint of the Gamblers


Director: Wong Jing

Stars: Eric Kot, Ng Man-Tat, Chingmy Yau, Sik Siu-Lung, Donnie Yen, Diana Pang Dan

This is a loose sequel to All for the Winner that takes place after the "Saint of Gamblers" (played by Steven Chow in that movie) wins a big tournament and leaves Hong Kong to study with the "God of Gamblers." Uncle Tat (Ng) heads back to the Saint's hometown to find a new protégé and eventually stumbles upon Eric Kot, playing a character named God Bless You (yes, that's his name), who seems like the village idiot. Actually, he is -- the guy would probably crap out on the $100 question of Who Wants to be a Millionaire -- but he has enormous psychic powers, and Tat decides to take him to Hong Kong to play in a gambling tournament.

Never let it be said that Wong Jing isn't a clever guy. Even though the star of All for the Winner, Steven Chow, had moved on to Wong's God of Gamblers series, Wong decided to keep All for the Winner going as well and made this sequel. However, even though Wong is quite clever, he isn't always smart. Case in point here: the casting of Eric Kot as the lead. He tries really hard to be Steven Chow -- actually he tries way too hard -- and as such comes off as an unfunny buffoon who drags the whole movie down with him. There are some inspired bits in this movie, such as Chingmy Yau (who plays a similar role to what she would later play in God of Gamblers Return, complete with kung-fu brat brother Sik Siu-Lung) kicking ass on a group of baddies and Diana Pang Dan's cleavage. I also liked Donnie Yen providing some nice action in an extended cameo. But with Kot at the driver's seat, this movie ultimately goes nowhere. This is an okay movie, but Wong Jing has done better films in the genre which deserve your attention first.


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