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Shootfighter II


Director: Paul Ziller

Stars: Bolo Yueng

Bless me father, for I have sinned. I went into the "action" section of Blockbuster and expected to find a decent movie. For my pennace, I had to sit through this pice of crap US Z-movie (it's so bad it doesn't even deserve to be called a B-movie). Supposedly, Bolo Yeung is supposed to be the star of this "film" (a term I use very loosely) but he's only onscreen for a short time -- he probably had the good sense to stay as far way from this stinker as possible.

Okay, since this is actually supposed to be a review, I guess I should give some plot details. Bolo and his friend (the hefty guy from Godfrey Ho's horrible Honor and Glory, aka Angel the Kickboxer) part ways when fatty wants to make money by running underground fight tournaments. There's a group of cops sent in to infiltrate the tournament... and that's about it. Character development? Nah. Intriguing plot? No way. But we do get a gratiutious sex scene with a semi-attractive woman and a bunch of untalented gweilo wannabes (these guys aren't even fit for getting their ass rightly kicked by a telented Hong Kong fighter) running about making fools of themselves as they try to act.

Things might be forgiven a bit if the fights were actually good, but they're just horrible. I might be getting spolied after watching so many HK action movies, but, honestly, even average Jeff Speakman or Don Wilson movies have better fights than this dreck. It might have helped matters if the fighters didn't looked so stupid -- for a film called "Shootfighter," these guys have worse gimmicks and costumes than half of the WWF's roster.

Bolo Yeung must have been hard up for a job to appear in this movie, and you'd have to be really hard up for something to do to even comtemplate watching this garbage.


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