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Slave of the Sword


Director: Chu Yen Ping

Stars: Pauline Chan, Max Mok, Rena Murakami

Pauline Chan stars as a woman kidnapped and sold into a brothel. The madam (Murakami) falls in love with her, which sets off a series of bloody rivalries.

Director Chu has a, shall we say, "eccentric" track record when it comes to films. He's best known for strange action films such as the Jackie Chan/Jimmy Wang Yu/Brigitte Lin movie Fantasy Mission Force. Here he's crafted a movie that's strange, but unlike most of his other works, isn't interesting in any way. Despite the wu xia pretenses, at its core this film is nothing more than softcore porn. There's a few minutes of exposition, maybe some fighting and then a sex scene. Repeat this about five or six times and you get the gist of this movie. The sex scenes aren't even all that erotic -- they're the same slow-motion over-filtered crap featured in many other trashy movies on both sides of the ocean. Avoid this one unless you're desperate to see some naked Asian women.


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