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Snake Deadly Act


Director: Wilson Tong

Stars: Wilson Tong, Angela Mao, Ng Kun Lung, Phillip Kao

Pretty decent old-school kung-fu movie with Tong hatching a scheme to get revenge on the man who killed his wife (Kao) by training Kao's son (Ng) to become a killer and turn on his dad. Angela Mao adds some female flair to the movie as a madam who is sympathetic to Tong's quest but uneasy about his methods. The whole revenge subplot had been run into the ground well by the time this movie was made, so it's a bit slow-moving and talky in parts as we see the scenes which seem to be mandatory for this genre. However, the fight scenes are pretty cool, using a variety of animal and weapon styles. Snake Deadly Act isn't exactly "the deadliest kung-fu movie in the world" the cover bills it as, but it's still fairly entertaining.

RATING: 5.25

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