Drunken Master

Jackie Chan in Drunken Master

Drunken Master title screenDrunken Master game screen

This game is based on the famous Jackie Chan movie. Actually, I should say it's more "loosely" based on the film. The main guy does look a bit like Jackie Chan, there's a fairly lousy rendition of "The Generals' Orders" (aka the Wong Fei-Hung theme), and you do fight some of the villains (such as Iron Head) from the movie. But for some reason, most of the action consists of beating up a seemingly endless line of evil monks. The name of this game was changed to "China Warrior" for its' US release.

Downloadable Files (PC - Windows):

Mengine9.zip (142 KB "Magic Engine" PC Engine emulator)

Drunkmstr.zip (128 KB "Drunken Master" PC Engine ROM)

DOS4GW.zip (144 KB file required to run the emulator)

Note: all three files are required

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