Chingmy Yau from 'Future Cops' in a 'Street Fighter II' inspired outfit

Behind the Buttons: A Look at Hong Kong Film's Influence on Video Games and Vice Versa

Bruce Lee
City Hunter
Confidential Mission
Cop on a Mission
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Drunken Master (aka China Warrior)
Fatal Fury
Final Fantasy VIII
Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu
Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster
John Woo's trademark two guns
King of Fighters
Kung Fu (aka Kung-Fu Master)
The Legend of Speed
Mortal Kombat
Quest for the Dragon
Rise of the Triad
Shadow Warrior
Soul Blade & Soul Calibur
Street Fighter
Supreme Warrior
Tomb Raider
Vigilante (aka Spartan-X)
Virtua Fighter

Notes on installing and playing the games

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