Kung Fu

Game of Death  Kung Fu

This was one of the first side-scrolling beat-em-ups. It's loosely based on the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death, where your character has to make his way up the floors of a tower, beating progressively tougher enemies along the way. While the character doesn't sport Lee's swank jumpsuit, he does make Lee-style "kiyai" yells when he unleashes attacks.

Kung Fu Master title screenKung Fu Master game screen

Before coming to the home systems, this was a popular arcade game known as "Kung-Fu Master".

Downloadable Files (PC - Windows/DOS):

Nesticlexx.zip (191 KB "Nesticle" Nintendo Entertainment System emulator)

Kungfu.zip (28.7 KB "Kung Fu" NES ROM)

Note: both files are required

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