Jackie Chan in Drunken MasterLei in Tekken

This popular fighting game series features a character, Lei, who's based off of Jackie Chan. One of his outfits (pictured here) is similar to what Chan wore in the Drunken Master movies, and his other outfit looks like what Chan wore in Police Story.

Bruce Lee in Game of DeathLaw in Tekken

Another character, Law, is based on Bruce Lee. One of Law's outfits is the famous yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death.

Kristy YeungTekken movie

The team behind The Storm Riders is working on the film version of the game. As it is a Wong Jing movie, you can expect lots of pretty young actors (such as Kristy Yeung) in the major roles, though the movie will also mark the return of Sammo Hung to the jade screen. Apparently, production has been delayed because Wong "forgot" to secure the rights to the Tekken characters and was sued by Namco. There are now rumors that production on the movie (which may be now called God's Fist) has been totally halted because of legal troubles.

The commercial for the latest game in the series, Tekken Tag Tournament, features redubbed old-school footage. If you have Windows Media Player, you can go to AdCritic.com and view a streaming version of it.

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